Some Good And Bad Points On HP Printer Repair In Cincinnati

When it comes to HP Printer Repair in Cincinnati (or any other city, but I have to mention Cincinnati because that's where our customers are), there are a few things you can always count on: 1-the repair will be relatively simple (assuming it's a laser printer and not an inkjet) and 2-the parts are readily available at an affordable price.  This is exactly what makes HP such a great printer for both small and large offices.

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Printer Anger Management

One of my all time favorite YouTube videos is the one shown below.  In it, a man wrestles with a printer problem, checking several things to find out why his documents aren't shooting out the way they should.  Well, maybe not the ‘way they should', but more ‘the way he wants them to'.

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One Thing To Check Before Calling For Repairs

Want to hear some alarming statistics?  About 8% of calls for paper jams and misfeeds are a waste of time and money.  Oh, not for the technician… he’s going to get his money.  (Of course, a good technician will give the machine a ‘going over’ to make sure the customer at least gets their money’s worth.)  But the customer could have saved themselves the service charge just by checking a few things before making that call.

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To Repair Or Replace A Printer?

Technicians hear the question at least 5 times a week: "Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a new printer?"  While most of technicians have a sales team with a ready answer for that (except here--we don't sell machines, we only fix them) the question isn't always a simple math problem.  The standard equation is that if the repair costs more than half the machine, then replace it.  But as printer technology advances, and smaller printers last longer, that standard is changing.

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