What Causes The Paper To Crinkle Up In The Printer? Is It Fixable?

Every printer has a certain number of 'wearable parts'. Wearable means that it's normal maintenance procedure to replace them at certain intervals (say--every 200,000 copies). This usually includes feed/separation/pickup rollers, the transfer roller, the drum unit, the toner cartridge, and the fuser unit. The fuser unit is generally the most expensive item to replace. And it happens to be the one that, 95% of the time, causes paper to crinkle up inside the machine.

What happens is that the fuser gets very hot in order to fuse the toner onto the paper. There's a top roller and a bottom roller that press together. The top one gets hot, the bottom one is foamy so that it can press into the top one with a lot of pressure--squeezing the melted toner into the paper's fibers.

The toner itself has to actually come into contact with the top roller (it's not always an actual roller--sometimes it's a plastic film that rotates). But the toner needs to stick to the paper and not to the roller. So they put a Teflon coating around the roller. As the Teflon wears, the toner begins to stick to it. This all happens without you seeing it; but if you pull the roller out, you can easily see how worn it is by the amount of toner sticking to it. Eventually, the toner sticks so much that it doesn't come loose again. Since the toner is also stuck to the paper, the entire page gets stuck inside the printer. And since the rollers continue to turn, the paper gets all pushed into a small spot and folds up like an accordion.

All this adds up to one point: clearing the paper jam generally won't help you. You have to replace the printer's entire fuser unit, or you'll just get another crinkled up paper in the machine.

For some machines, the fuser unit is very easy to replace. For others, you actually need a technician to do it.

Either way, whether you need a technician to fix it or not, it's nice to have a tech there because he can go through the machine and give it general maintenance. Usually, if the fuser unit is that worn, other parts are worn as well.

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