dellDell Printer Repair In Cincinnati

We've gotten calls from a number of people who had trouble finding Dell printer service centers in Cincinnati.  Of course, once they called us, they didn't have to look any further.  Yes, we do repair Dell printers.

As far back as I can remember, Dell printers were never actually manufactured by Dell.  Lexmark was making their printers for a while, and the Dell and Lexmark printers often had interexchangeable parts.  Since then, Dell has gotten manufacturers other than Lexmark to make their printers.  Xerox, Kodack, and a few others.

The fact is, most the the parts in a Dell printer can be replaced by a part from a different manufacturer.  This brings down the price of Dell parts, as long as you know which ones are interchangeable.  Although, this only pertains to internal parts, not supplies.  Most of the supplies in Dell printers go only to Dell printers---they aren't interchangeable with the supplies from the machine's original manufacturer.

The back to the original question: Do we work on Dell printers?

Yes, we work on Dell printers.

How much does it cost?

The same as any other printer repair in Cincinnati.  $95 for the service fee, plus parts.