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Printer Anger Management

One of my all time favorite YouTube videos is the one shown below.  In it, a man wrestles with a printer problem, checking several things to find out why his documents aren't shooting out the way they should.  Well, maybe not the ‘way they should', but more ‘the way he wants them to'.

Remember that a printer can only do what it's told to do, and even then, only when it's working properly.  In the video, the man looks like he's expecting double-sided copies.  The problem is, the printer doesn't decide whether or not to print on both sides (if it's capable of printing on both sides at all-and from what I can see in the video, that is NOT a duplex printer).  When you hit the print button on your computer, a window pops up, and THAT is where the directions for two sided print comes from.

Maybe he didn't know that.  Maybe the whole event is staged for a commercial and none of it matters.  But I wanted to point this out so that I could illustrate an important lesson.  When your printer isn't ‘behaving' it's because of only one of two reasons.  Either you're not TELLING it what to do, or it's broken.  Anger won't make it work right, shaking the cartridge won't fix it, and doing the exact same thing over and over again won't produce different results.

If you keep getting jams, don't keep trying.  You're just going to frustrate yourself.  Get the repair man there.  If you're desperate for a print, try a different feed tray (this will get you through a tight spot 70% of the time).  But don't take it out on the equipment.  It's not out to get you.  It's not trying to ruin your day.  It's just doing what it's told.