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Is It Worth The Money To Fix An HP Officejet Printer?

I think I get about 3 calls a week from people who want their HP Officejet repaired.  The question of whether or not they can be repaired is a little complicated, and the answer is often only determined case-by-case.

Let's start with the fact that not all the parts for an Officejet are available.  So yes, sometimes HP Officejet repair is completely impossible... and parts availability varies from machine to machine.

Let's look at a typical HP Officejet and see what's out there:

For an Officejet 6210, we can get a new ADF, the ADF feed parts, a carriage, and a carriage belt.  But as of now, you can't get an encoder strip.  And if you're having "carriage problems" or "carriage errors", your problem could very well be the encoder strip instead of the carriage itself.

So, all you have to do is find out if it's the carriage or the encoder strip, right?  That's easier said than done.  This might sound a little technical, but bear with me-this is just to illustrate my point.  After cleaning the encoder strip, the next step in the troubleshooting process (and I'm talking about something the technician would do) is to replace the encoder strip.  And then, finally, to replace the carriage.

There are two reasons a tech would do it this way: #1 - because the encoder strip is generally much cheaper to replace than the carriage.  #2 - because it takes much less time.  #3 - because the encoder strip is more likely to get dirty or ruined than the carriage.

But as I said, the encoder strip is unavailable.  So the tech must replace the carriage first.  And if that doesn't work, then the tech can say, "This machine is unfixable."

But he's already put in a new part.  That, along with the labor costs, has made this call fairly expensive-and the machine still isn't fixed.

You see the problem?  Someone has to eat this cost.  He can't return the part, because now it's been opened.  And the company he works for sure doesn't want to swallow it.  So you, the customer, now have to pay for the service charge, the part, and the labor (it might take longer than the standard 1st hour to replace the carriage)... all of that just so you can hear him say, "This machine can't be repaired."

What's to be done?

Usually, when someone calls me for service on an inkjet printer (like the HP Officejets), I try to do some of the preliminary troubleshooting over the phone.  I try to tell if it's going to be a ‘simple fix' or not.  If I think it'll be worthwhile to the customer, I go ahead and take the call.  If not, I advise the customer that it will cost the normal service charge for me to come out, and explain that the machine might not have the necessary parts available.

At Cincinnati Printer Repair, we can come out and repair your HP Officejet for only $85 (plus parts).  If your machine is not repairable, or if the parts costs equal more than the machine value, you can put the money you owe toward the purchase of a new machine.

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