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hpprinter3005For HP Printer Service in Cincinnati, Ohio

HP printers come in many shapes and sizes. From tiny, little desktop inkjet printers (OfficeJet, PhotoSmart, DeskJet, etc.,) to larger, high volume production models (LaserJet & LaserJet Enterprise) to wide format plotters (DesignJet). How do you find the right company to work on your printer?

Let's start with the smaller models—the inkjets and all-in-ones commonly sold in any electronics store. The ones built for home-use. They are relatively cheap to purchase, but feeding them ink, over time, can cost plenty. If you're printing photos, these are the ones to use. Laser printers, even the color ones, do not print high quality photos. The problem is, when these printers break, there's very little you can do with them. The parts are non-existent. They are, basically, throw-away printers.

Laser printers (HP names them ALL LaserJet, but they add words to specify classes: LaserJet Pro, Color LaserJet, LaserJet Enterprise) are a different story. Not only does HP sell parts for their laser printers, but so do many other companies. So HP laser printer repair companies are relatively easy to find. Most local copier dealers will also work on HP printer.

BUT—not all copier dealers have technicians who specialize in HP. Most dealers include HP in their repertoire because they have to. Cincinnati Repair, however, does specialize in HP printer repair here in Cincinnati.

Now for the big boy—the plotters. It's not easy finding a plotter repair company in any city. But we do repair HP plotters at Cincinnati Repair. We are certified HP DesignJet technicians with years of experience. And like the laser printers, parts are generally readily available... although usually more expensive, because there aren't as many plotters in production.

So in summary:

Small inkjet printers – throw them away and buy new ones.
Laser printers (big and small) – Call us.
Wide format plotters – Call us.

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