Moisture and Humidity

rainMoisture and Humidity Causes Printer Problems

You might not think it, but humidity can cause quite a few problems with a printer.  And in Cincinnati, with all the rain and heat, we're primed for a multitude of moisture related service calls.  Here's what to look for:

  • Jams: This is probably the most common one.  The paper is too moist, and the pickup rollers just slip.  You can try taking the paper out of the tray and flipping the stack over (so the paper that was on the bottom is now on top), and see if that helps.  The better way is to open a fresh ream, and load up the tray.
  • Paper Curls: Another common one.  The paper, after being printed on, curls up in the exit tray.  Sometimes to the point that they paper won't even stack correctly and makes a big mess.
  • Print Quality: This one isn't very common any more... most manufacturers have figured out how to eliminate the problem.  But every now and then, especially on color printers, you might see light prints (or even big white areas) on parts of the page, while other parts look fine.  To see if moisture is the problem, print out several BLANK pages.  Then take those blank pages and load them into the paper tray again, and see if the problem goes away.  When printing, the paper goes through the fuser unit, which dries it out.  If moisture is a problem, they should look fine as they pass through again.

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