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New Survey Shows That Malfunctioning Printers Create Office Tension

Cincinnati, Ohio - September 16, 2010 - A recent survey by Cincinnati Repair showed that office employees who deal with malfunctioning printers are likely to take out their frustration on coworkers, clients, employers, and even on spouses. The survey illustrated that broken office equipment is a large cause of stress, and that this stress can affect everything from job performance to family life.

In the survey results, more than 64% of employees in an office setting said that they were more irritable when dealing with coworkers when having to put up with a malfunctioning printer. 28% admit to arguing with coworkers because of this irritability.

Eric Engel, owner of Cincinnati Repair, said that a surprising 44% of the respondents admitted to becoming more irritable with their clients when their printer is on the fritz. “When office stress spills over into customer relations,” says Engel, “then it becomes a real problem. We’re not just talking about a stressful day anymore. Now we’re talking about the possibility of losing customers, and that means losing revenue. This is something companies ought to pay close attention to.”

But the stress caused by malfunctioning office equipment doesn’t always stop at the end of the work day. Engel says that many of the respondents “bring those problems home with them, taking out their frustration on friends and family members. Only 54% of people said they leave their problems at work and don’t let it bother them at home. That means 46% bring their stress home with them, and that's an alarming number. Especially when you consider that family life is already hard enough, what with the financial problems people are facing today.”

The survey also revealed how much of the stress is due to unrealistic expectations. “32% of people felt that a printer should break down less than once per year,” says Engel. “This might be somewhat reasonable if the printer is well maintained by a technician, who gives it a good check-up every six months. Just like the dentist, a technician can take care of a lot of problems before they actually happen.”

“But usually,” Engel continues, “this isn’t the case. Of that 31%, 53% are actually dealing with printers that break once a month or more. Which means their printers either aren’t maintained, or they’re overused. This means there's an incredible amount of office stress that can easily be avoided.”

Eric Engel
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