Does It Cost More To Print In Color?

Is It Worth The Extra Money To Buy a Color Printer?

The question is a common one, but it's not always the easiest to answer.  On the one hand, page per page, the cost is just about the same as far as the ink goes.  On the other hand, color printers generally cost a little more, and they require more maintenance.  How much more?  Well, that all depends on the printer.

If you want to print out picture-perfect photos, you'll need to shell out some cash for a nice ink-jet printer.  The HP PhotoReady line is pretty good.  Also, some of the higher end Canons work well.  The Canon printer supplies are usually cheaper, because the ink cartridges don't have the ink nozzels in them, but the maintenance is more expensive because you have to replace the printhead every so often.

But the thing to remember here is this: if you buy a printer for the purpose of printing photos, then don't use that printer to print out documents.  This is where most of the money gets wasted.  If you print out documents (especially black and white documents), then buy a dirt cheap laser printer that will allow you to print for only a penny or two per page.

If you want to put some flair in you documents, or perhaps print out some brochures in full color, then a Color Laser Printer is the way to go.  In our line of color printers for sale, we currently have the HP CM2320 for around $1000 (an everything machine-multifunction at its best) and the HP CP1518 for around $700.

But if color just isn't important, you can always just stick with a black and white laser printer.  The one thing I NEVER suggest is buying an inkjet printer to print black and white documents.  THAT is a waste of money.