Top Service Calls

Weekly Top Service Calls and Printer Repairs

Welcome to our list of top service calls.  In this blog, we will pick out one service call each week.  One call that proved either especially difficult or especially common... one not often answered on other repair websites.  We'll post the problem, the symptoms, and the solution--hopefully with pics.

Designjet Z6100 Banding on Prints but Showing Perfect Printhead Alignment Patterns

grey bandsThe prints show obvious banding problems, yet the printhead alignment patterns look fine, as well as the paper advance printout and calibration.  This call had me scratching my head for over a week.  Tech support had several suggestions, all of which failed.

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laserjetPro400HP LJ Pro 400 Paper Stops Under The Cartridge

I get a lot of jam calls for the HP Laserjet Pro 400 Series.  This would include the M400, M401, & M425 black and white printers.  The paper stops just below the toner cartridge, right where the spongey roller is (transfer roller)... thus indicating that the drum in the cartridge isn't even turning.  This is actually a cartridge problem, and not a machine problem.  And it doesn't happen with OEM HP cartridges, just the refurbished ones.  But don't worry--it's easy to fix, and you don't even need a new cartridge.

This is happening with the 80A cartridges (used in the mentioned printers), but also in the 05A & 05X cartridges (used in the Laserjet P2050 & Laserjet P2055).

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9050papertestIt started out as a simple "jam call."  An HP LJ 9050 with worn feed/sep rollers... which is the first thing I replaced.  Then I had a jam in the fuser unit.  I opened it up and saw that the paper had caught there in the classic crinkled up accordion jam.  But this generally happens when the fuser is old and worn.  The toner sticks to the upper roller/sleeve, the paper sticks to the toner, and you get a jam.  This fuser looked clean and relatively new.

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43451HP Laserjet 4345mfp with a 13.0a.00 Jam Reading "Output Bin, Paper Stopped Jam"

We had an HP Laserjet 4345MFP giving intermittent 13.0A.00 jams.  Generally, this would happen in the middle of a job, which means there were pages everywhere inside the printer, at all stages of the print process.  One in the reverse assembly, one in the fuser, one under the cartridge, and one still being fed from one of the drawers.  As we looked continued, we could start to see a pattern...

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misaligned small

HP Laserjet Color Alignment

Some of the newer Color Laserjets from HP are having problems with color alignment... especially the smaller machines with the drawer containing a vertical set of toner cartridges.  This particular example is from a HP CM1415.  In the picture, I've printed out a diagnostics page.  You can see from the blown up area, that the colors are not printing in alignment with each other.

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59.f0 error on HP Color Laserjet CP3525

We had a Color Laserjet CP 3525 with a 59.f0 error.  Generally, with these errors, you pull the transfer unit out (ITB) and push it back in.  That usually soves it, because the transfer unit wasn't properly seated.  Not this time...

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