hpprinter3005For HP Printer Service in Cincinnati, Ohio

HP printers come in many shapes and sizes. From tiny, little desktop inkjet printers (OfficeJet, PhotoSmart, DeskJet, etc.,) to larger, high volume production models (LaserJet & LaserJet Enterprise) to wide format plotters (DesignJet). How do you find the right company to work on your printer?

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c03004106The ONLY Certified Designjet Plotter Repair Technicians In Cincinnati!!

Cincinnati Printer Repair now includes Cincinnati Plotter Repair.  Certified HP Designjet technicians can be on-site usually within 48 hrs.

Yes, our company is actually in Cincinnati.  Yes, our technicians live and work in Cincinnati.  Yes, we have over 20 years experience in HP Designjet plotter repair.

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dellDell Printer Repair In Cincinnati

We've gotten calls from a number of people who had trouble finding Dell printer service centers in Cincinnati.  Of course, once they called us, they didn't have to look any further.  Yes, we do repair Dell printers.

As far back as I can remember, Dell printers were never actually manufactured by Dell.  Lexmark was making their printers for a while, and the Dell and Lexmark printers often had interexchangeable parts.  Since then, Dell has gotten manufacturers other than Lexmark to make their printers.  Xerox, Kodack, and a few others.

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Is it worth the money to repair an inkjet printer?  Can they even be fixed?

HP Laserjet printers are widely distributed. Almost every model of HP laser printer was made with the mindset of providing a printer that would last a long time and be easily repaired. Not only did HP provide parts for their laser printers, but hundreds of aftermarket part providers make HP repairs cheaper by selling less expensive parts. Someone in need of an HP Laserjet printer repair literally has hundreds of choices, as far as whether or not they want to fix it themselves, where they'll buy parts, if they'll hire someone else for the job, and how much they'll pay.

But what about the inkjet printers?

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How Long Are Printers Supposed To Last... Is Mine "Old"???

This question comes up often.  In fact, 1 out of every 4 people who call me ask me if their printer is "old."  And often, the answer is subjective.

How much do you use the printer?  How often do you have maintenance done on it?  Are you 'rough' with it?  How many different people use it on a regular basis?

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You Get MORE For Your MONEY When You Buy Toner Cartridges From Cincinnati Repair

We do more than give you reliable, high quality toner cartridges at a great price... we throw in extras that will help you save money on service and repairs.

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